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Bullying is a very serious problem affecting teens. We see news reports almost daily on the affects bullying has on our youth - teen suicides, runaways, school drop outs - all related to bullying. 78% of preteens experience some form of bullying before they reach 5th grade! Many times teens will feel lost - not knowing how to react or be able to have it stop that they are pushed to the edge. But, if we can create awareness of the signs, parents, adults and teens themselves would be able to intervene before a tragedy could occur.

     Bullying is very personal as 5 years ago I was physically, verbally, and emotionally bullied. Someone I had considered my friend attacked me both physically and verbally while others watched. I was bullied physically by getting punched, verbally by being insulted by people I barely knew, and emotionally by people spreading rumors about me. It hurt then and even now it still hurts deep in my heart.

     From experiencing bullying first hand I realized this could happen to anyone at any time and realized most teens are ill equipped to deal with this situation if presented. I became determined to make a difference within my own school community. Because of what happened to me I began to research the causes of bullying, organizations who provide information on bullying and ways to counteract and reverse the bullying that has escalated in our youth over the past few years. I created a website www.madisonmanuel.webs.com discussing my experiences with resources to deal with prejudice and intergroup tensions resulting in bullying.

 For the past 5 years I have been promoting my platform by talking to youth, holding seminars, and telling people about my platform any way that I can. Thank you for coming to my website and supporting my hopes of breaking through bullying by connecting cliques!


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