What is bullying?

The definition of bully is:

"a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people."


There are more than one way of bullying someone:

 The first is physical bullying

or hitting, kicking, pinching, punching, scratching, spitting or any other form of physical attack. Damage to or taking someone else’s belongings may also be considered as physical bullying.

This is typically the first type of bullying that someone will think of at first, but there are other forms beside physical. 


The second is Verbal

or name-calling, insulting, making racist, sexist or homophobic jokes, remarks or teasing, using sexually suggestive or abusive language, and offensive remarks. This is the most common form of bullying. Especially since this form of bullying is harder to prove than physical bullying many youth feel they are able to get away with this. 


 The third is called emotional:

which can be spreading nasty stories about someone, exclusion from social groups, being made the subject of malicious rumors. Emotional is equally as damaging if not worse than physical bullying because it is something that will take longer to heal.


The newest form of bullying due to technological advances is called cyber bullying:

it is any type of bullying that is carried out by electronic medium such as:

1. Text message bullying

2. Picture/video clip bullying via mobile phone cameras

3. Phone call bullying via any type of phones

4. E-mail bullying

5. Chat-room bullying

6. Bullying through Instant Messaging (IM)

7. Bullying via websites (such as facebook)


All forms of bullying are damaging to the people affected. It is important to immediately tell an adult or someone you trust if you are bullied in any of these forms. It is equally important to tell someone if you witness these types of bullying or you are helping the bully. Go to 'How to Stop Bullying' to learn what you can do to stop bullying.


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